Friday, October 16, 2009

Carrie's latest print

Check out the latest woodcut Carrie put in the shop!!

On Tuesday night we did some creeping around a certain school that might have a large press. There were some really nice students working, and we didn't get in their way or anything, but we wanted to use that big press! It takes so long to do the printing of these by hand.

It all went fine, but Carrie thinks they look better when printed by hand. I think it's awesome no matter what.

Now I need to get to carving. We both really like the act of carving, then printing. I haven't really done much of it at all since the 2009 calendar last fall, and I got a lot better doing all 12 of those. I have a design all ready in the sketchbook. Maybe this weekend.

Home Sweet Home Print:
9x12 paper
8x10 print
Buy it here!

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Posted by Beth Snyder @ 8:00 AM

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I love it. It actually reminds me of my home... full of stairs. We have five different sublevels with stairs everywhere!

Posted by Blogger Abbie @ 12:18 PM #
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