Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New York New York

The view from our hotel.

Jason and I went to NYC for a quick 3 day weekend. As of Monday, we've been married for 365 whole days. A lot of that time we were living with my parents, which was awesome in so many ways, but I didn't really feel married until we bought our house in May and had to do real married things like pay a mortgage, cook dinner, and pick out a cable package. They say that the first year is the hardest, and I don't know if that was true in our case. I do know that I'm happier everyday than I was the day before with being married. We just figure out what works and repeat.

Now, notice I didn't write this post at midnight before our 4am trip departure when I had been up packing for 2hours longer than Jason. Somehow, clothes, shoes and toothbrush seemed enough to him, meanwhile I was printing boarding passes, finishing up a load of laundry, searching for umbrellas, doing a load of dishes and emptying out the dehumidifier. Yeah, my answer wouldn't have been the same then.

But I digress. I actually had sort of a working trip. If there's one thing I believe about art and creativity, it's that you have to be constantly inputting information and ideas so that when it comes time to create, you can draw on that library of visions in you head, whether consciously or unconsciously.

So we went about "inputting" all over the city. Natural History Museum (great tribal prints and patterns) MoMA (everything) and countless design stores and more. And I stocked up on a lot of supplies like paper goods and envelopes.

I'm going to break this post up into 3 posts, one for each day we were there.

Day one:
Butterflies at the Natural History Museum

We walked from our hotel on 34th all the way to 81st in the rain. So we took the subway back.

Check out this bead store. Even Jason was really impressed. That's why I love this guy. He didn't complain at all about going into this store. It's Toho Shoji on 6th Avenue. To be accurate, I didn't make him go in any ribbon or fabric stores.

We went to the Rockefeller Center Magnolia Bakery. That icing recipe they have is spot on for the original. I was totally entranced by the people in the back doing the icing. That is some serious skill.

We had dinner at Les Halles for our anniversary. Yum. And not stuffy or anything. It's not terribly expensive, but for our wallets, it was a special treat. I think the steak and fries was $20, so that's not much more than a restaurant around here.

The woman sitting next to us kept taking one sip from her water glass and tossing the rest in the bushes and then smiling wickedly while the water boy was perplexed and filling her up again. I caught her doing it, and she just grinned at me.

Day two: MoMA and beyond.


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Happy one year!!!! Sounds like you had a great celebration. And I'll be imagining the funny lady in the restaurant all day; it made me chuckle so hard. She must have thought the waterboy was cute.

Posted by Blogger Tisra @ 9:54 AM #

I just want to say to the author of this article I believe Jason was misrepresented in this article. He was cast in a very bad light! Bad form! I am sure he helped and got things done BEFORE he went to bed, and as far as the "load of laundry" goes I think it may of been ALL OF YOUR LAUNDRY THAT WAS GOING TO BE PUT INTO YOUR SUITCASE...

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 8:39 PM #
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