Thursday, September 03, 2009

New York New York day 3

Our final day in New York was a wrap up of the things we didn't do the previous days. I miscalculated and didn't get to go visit either of the 2 letterpress shops I wanted to see because I had saved them til Monday, and they aren't open on Monday. Bummer.

We did manage to go to the home design megastore ABC Carpet and Home. Wow wow wee wow. It was amazing. It must be so fun to work there just to arrange all the goodies. I was surprised that they let me take photos, but they did!

Jason sitting in what must be the world's most comfortable chair.

We went in this store across the street called Fish's Eddy. I had never heard of it, but let's just say it's lucky that I only had a small carry-on suitcase, already stuffed with paper goods and envelopes, because I could have taken the whole store with me. Lots of really cool dinnerware, tea towels, and entertaining stuff. It was just my style. Not stuffy, just fun and well designed.

Jason fulfilled his final New York manifest: a slice of pizza, followed 1 hour later by Katz's Deli. That pastrami sandwich alone cost $14.95, but it was pretty freaking amazing.

Now it's back home and hard at work on calendar stuff and real work stuff. It was such a great 3 day destination. Of course, you know I could stay for a month. Maybe in my next life I'll take a summer sabbatical to New York.


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bummer indeed about the letterpress shops.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 10:40 AM #
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