Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend exhaustion

New Inks in Action

Why do I wear myself out so completely on the weekends? Jason and I got major house projects done. Namely, we changed the faucet out in the kitchen. Sounds easy, but let's just say I've now been exposed to every bad word in my husband's entire vocabulary. We determined that the old, leaky faucet was installed before the sink was in place on the countertop.

New Inks

I did LOTS of printing with my new rubberbased inks. I don't know if anyone reads SouleMama (and you should because it's great in so many ways) but I sold the lovely Mama/Blogger/Author a recipe card box and when she posted it on her blog, I immediately got 15 sales or so in a week! WHAT!?!? That is awesome, but I had to print all those cards!

Abby sewing away

Abby came over last night and we had intensive quilting time on her quilt. It's her first, and we now have the front and the back done and ready to sandwich up and baste. I'm so proud of her because it's her first quilt, and it looks stunning! I'll have to post some pics here when she comes back to baste it together.

Quilting Bee with Abby

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Posted by Beth Howard @ 7:42 AM

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trust me my wife, you have only heard half of a half of what I got.

Posted by Blogger Jason @ 9:52 PM #

MAN, I'd love to let it rip with Jason sometime.

What I was going to say until I was distracted by thoughts of profanity (mmmm...thoughts of profanity) was...I see you have filled up your wonderful drying racks and resorted to my method of using ANY SURFACE AVAILABLE a'la priority mail boxes

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 11:05 PM #
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