Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Things on walls

I've had a bumper crop of Etsy orders this last week, not to mention a lot of parties in my house on the weekend---a Briday Shower for my sister with my mom's family on Friday night, and a Bachelorette party for my sister on Saturday night. So pretty much I've been printing recipe cards, which you've all seen a million times, and hosting parties.

Living room wall

I did manage to get a few things hung on the walls before my house was seen by a few dozen people. I'm planning a massive art wall here. Hopefully all original (not digital) prints. Or other artwork. I don't have set rules, but for now it's all prints, some mine, some from Etsy, one from Bryce McCloud (amazing) in Nashville.

Studio wall

And just for fun (I had to blur the cake because this is a PG rated blog. I'm sorry. You just have to move past it.) Come on, it's a bachelorette party!

Allison's bachelorette party

Posted by Beth Howard @ 6:42 AM

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Hi Beth,

Did you notice that Soule Mama mentioned you in her blog the other day? Cool stuff!


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 2:59 PM #

Beth- I've been wanting to do an art wall too!!! Sadly, I have a few of my watercolors and a few prints just sitting in a stack on my (cluttered) desk with no frames. Buying frames means I have to commit to hanging them. Doing that means I have to decide on a place to hang them. Argh.

But, maybe sometime you'd want to swap prints? The one I mentioned previously (oil ink with hand watercolor) is something I'm so happy with. It's a Lake scene. I need to scan that and post to the blog. My Etsy has pretty much disappeared- I haven't had time to "produce" art and seem to be back to just doing it for personal interest. My creativity swells in seasons. :-)

That is one BIG cake. :-)

Posted by Blogger Tisra @ 4:25 PM #

Isn't Bryce the bomb? I love his stuff and quirky personality.

Your place looks great!

Posted by Blogger Kristi @ 12:05 PM #
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