Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Stuff in the Shop!!

Tree Rings card set here.

I've got a big showcase coming up on Papernstitch starting on Aug 24th. In an effort to get a nice variety of items, I've been ramping up production.

Carrie has added a bunch of new FANTASTIC items. I love how bright and colorful it's looking in there!

blue flowers cards here.

Feathers poster here. (I so want one of these)

And I've finished my Kentucky print...finally. I really struggled with the colors of the lettering, but I can now print YELLOW with my new rubberbased inks! This is a major development.


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Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:39 AM

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Love the first card AND that you describe being able to print yellow as a "major development," but I totally understand.

Have a good show

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 9:58 PM #

Love it! They really are all turning out soo cool. The yellow is great though.

Posted by Blogger Katie R @ 10:19 PM #

I am glad to see the KY print done! I caught a glimpse in an earlier post and have been searching/waiting for it. Now how do I get one? They aren't in the shop? MUST HAVE ONE NOW!!!! :)

Posted by Blogger Ellen @ 12:20 PM #
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