Thursday, August 06, 2009

The county fair

Jason and I went to the county fair in our town tonight. It was like a reunion for me--I saw a few dozen people I know. It's still strange to go places and recognize people.


We stopped in the 4-H pavilion where all the 4-H kids enter their projects for the year. Last time I was in that building I was 13 and won blue ribbons for my gumball machine cake decorating, and for a red-white-and-blue basket.

There is an adult division too. I'm not sure what nationality this crochet doll is, but I love her.

I truly think 4-H is where I learned to be so crafty. I took classes in EVERYTHING. I'm sure my mom got sick of driving me around. I took photography, sewing, cake decorating (of course, that's the main event for all little 4-H girls) basket weaving, cooking, and strangely, childcare. I remember poring through the catalog of courses every year and wondering who I could find to teach me whatever outlandish thing I was into.

The main reason we went to the fair is because Jason wanted to see the demoliton derby. I was very wary, because I have a low tolerance for redneck crowds. My instincts were dead on in this case.

The derby itself was pretty fun, though.

You gotta love a good rattail.

And it's good to see the carnival prizes haven't changed much over the years. I bet this lady paid $5. Oddly, her daughter was married to and African American gentleman. I wonder how he felt about the rebel flag.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 6:47 AM

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The crochet doll is of the Orange People persuasion- no joke, a co-worker's daughter thought that there were really orange people, not knowing they used bad self-tanners.

So 13-year-old Beth was a 4-H-er and DEMOLITION DERBY!!!!!!!!! Man, wish I could have gone.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 7:50 AM #

"My instincts were dead on in this case"

Okay, you've got me laughing this morning! Ha!

Posted by Blogger Tisra @ 8:22 AM #
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