Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wedding invitation reveal!

Now that my sister's wedding is just a couple of weeks away, I think it's safe to post her invitations here.


I have to say that this is my favorite and most hi-quality bit of letterpress printing that I've done yet. For some reason the blue inks just go down like a dream.


She opted to do a map/info/rsvp card without having the mail-in card.


And to give credit where it's due, this is the way the design process went: Allison and her fiance found this invitation online by Wiley Valentine (via Style Me Pretty) that they liked.

This design that I did is definitely not the same, but I drew inspiration from Wiley Valentine, and it's only fair to mention it.

So I purchased some clipart books from Dover (Do you know about Dover? Awesome!!) and went about trying to adjust the design and find an appropriate bit of clipart for the borders so that I wouldn't be copying their design. I hand drew some options, but in the end, what you see here is what the bride and groom chose.

I have to say that I would NOT feel comfortable selling this design to an outside client, because I feel like it's too similar to the "inspiration" invitations. But it's my sister, and I wanted to do something that she was happy about.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 7:20 AM

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great design work! it came out lovely, I'm sure your sis was glad to have a designer in the family. Wish I'd been into design when I got married, I would have loved something less traditional but cool, like this.

Posted by Blogger sherri @ 9:13 PM #

Those are really pretty! I love the layout and the colors and it may not a Beth Howard original but it definitely has elements of you in it. I also give you props for listing your inspirations - your design is definitely your own, but it's nice to see the process. And did I say I LOVE the colors???

Posted by Blogger freshie (and zero) @ 1:27 AM #

Even though you had an inspiration for those, it's one of my favorite things that you've done. I love it.

The colors are absolutely AMAZING.

Beth, you are super talented. I'm just happy (and lucky) to have learned some things from you.

Posted by Blogger Jenna @ 7:04 PM #

Those are some utterly gorgeous designs. I'm a bit in awe...

Posted by Blogger Anna @ 11:07 PM #
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