Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Days of QuiltFest '09

Ah, another QuiltFest come and gone. A lot of sewing happened in those 5 short days. A lot of sewing and a lot of eating. And an ocean of laughing. Oh, how I love these ladies! I'm thinking that I'm not doing a great job of explaining the goodness that happens here, but I hope that the photos show what I can't put into words.

Here is Erin on her victory lap. Last year she did the entire top to this quilt, and this year she quilted and bound it. She is a very focused crafter. I never even saw her on the dock sunning and swimming. This was my vacation for the year, so I took time to relax a little.

An antique quilt I saw on the home tour and loved the color combos.

A new project I'm starting against my better judgment. I'm pretty excited, but don't know when I'll quilt again now that I am home and near my letterpress. I'm trying to get a design wall up in my studio ASAP. I love to sew strips! not really, but I love the outcome and love to play with the fabrics.

Kim's AMAZING Cinco De Mayo quilt. I think it is her major life work of quilting.

Before we left for the annual banquet, Kim hooked us up with fake tattoos that read "Born to Quilt"on them. Even Gran joined in!

Saturday was Lauren's 21st birthday, so at Midnight on Friday we had a champagne toast with Kim and Allison.

Allison made 4 aprons while we were there. It was her first quiltfest and it was a success!

Elaine tried to steal Jessica's round robin blocks right off the wall!

Finally, I have the wedding log cabin quilt sandwiched with batting and the guestbook squares and ready to quilt. Whenever I get time. Like in 2012.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:57 PM

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Thank you SO much for the pics and stories. What beautiful projects everyone has! So happy this year was another successful QF. We are definitely looking forward to QF 2010.

Posted by Blogger Jessica Scheer @ 1:27 AM #

Those quilts are gorgeous! It looks like you had a great time!

Posted by Blogger Valerie A. Heck @ 7:41 PM #

Did I already ask if I could be an honorary member of your family if I take up quilting?

p.s. I got another one of THOSE convos

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 10:29 AM #

I love that top green one and also the cinco de mayo quilt. Well, they're all gorgeous.

I love this idea! Even though I don't quilt. yet. But, if I had something this fun to attend I would definitely be game for adding it to my list of projects.

Posted by Blogger Wendy @ 10:46 AM #
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