Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wedding weekend.

My co-worker Sara is having her wedding reception tonight. Here are the cupcakes!


Here's what I did this morning. My arms are still sore! It was major labor, and even with 4 of us took almost an hour. That lard-based frosting is hard to handle. And not very delicious, so I wasn't really tempted. I was using every muscle in my arms to pump it out of the bags. That sounds really appetizing, doesn't it?

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Posted by Beth Howard @ 5:30 PM

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I hope everyone eats their cupcake before looking at your blog! LOL

Posted by Blogger mascanlon @ 9:38 PM #

They look fantastic, but you lost me at "lard-based frosting."

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 8:42 AM #

Shona, I agree about the icing. Not very tasty.

mascanlon, that's true! But everyone else who might read this blog AND be at the wedding were already there by the time this posted. :)

Posted by Blogger Beth Howard @ 10:11 AM #
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