Tuesday, June 09, 2009

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So in Columbia, Missouri, there's this big university. I happened to have four very rewarding years there myself. At this big university, there is something called the Craft Studio. In this little corner of heaven you can join as a member, take classes without the pressure of school credit, and use their ceramics, photography, jewelry making and wood shops to your little heart's content. I love this place. I spent a lot of time there during undergrad.

My friend Caroline and I signed up for a 5 week pottery wheel class, and last night was our 2nd class. I wanted to get the lay of the land before I started taking pictures. Those are her bowls up there. She's doing awesome, and it's her first time!

It is DIVINE. I'm always sad on Wednesdays because it's another whole week before class again.

These are my pots. I can't seem to help but to make the same shape--and not the one I want--over and over again. I made a plate last night by accident, though. My ultimate goal is to make a cake plate by the end of class. We'll see!

After class we went downtown and ate ice cream at this magnificent place: Sparky's. They make homemade ice cream in the most amazing flavors. I had Les Bougeouis with chocolate chunk, (Les Bougeouis is the local winery), and it tasted just like I had churned it at home! But better. Way better. This is dangerous.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 11:59 PM

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I haven't made it to Sparky's yet when i'm back in CoMo, but I'm starting to think that
Me + Le Bougeouis ice cream = Love!!!


Do you sleep? or are you a vampire zombie?

I wish 'ol MTSU did this then I could teach letterpress in their fan-flippin'-tastic studio!

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 12:59 PM #

Well, we are all officially jealous. I wouldn't mind a little trip down memory lane in CoMo...I could also handle some Sparky's!

Posted by Blogger J. P. Morrison @ 11:30 AM #
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