Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fun with clay

I am now on my 2nd 25 lb bag of clay for my ceramics class. This feels sort of glutonous to me, but I guess it's all for the sake of being productive.

I took the last of my 2nd bag home to play with making some tiles and other things from slabs of clay, and I wanted to try my letterpress stamps with the clay too.


Results are mixed, I think. This is a sneak preview of my "Missouri" print! I guess I'll use it as a trivet or something.


I carved a little rubber stamp for this one.


Then I made a tiny house which made me realize that the Art Dept.'s houses are REALLY worth the money. It's hard! And takes tons of time! I don't know how they do it! I love my Mother In Law for getting me this one for Christmas!!

So tonight is the last official pottery class. Of course, I have tons of things in process, so I'll have to go back to glaze, etc. before the end of the summer semester.

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Posted by Beth Howard @ 7:10 AM

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