Friday, May 15, 2009

Mail Art

I don't think my friend Julia reads this blog, so I'm probably safe in showing you this before it's put in the mail.

So I might be in the middle of an upheaval with all my life/art/sewing supplies, but I can still find time to make a little something.

I had so much fun just going over the top with this. Sometimes it just feels good to let your mind what happens if I add another element? I guess I'll just use a plain envelope...oh wait, I don't know where those are....I'll have to make one....This stamp is going to get lost on the envelope....I could make a little label for it....and on and on. I used a page out of a magazine for the envelope.

I probably spent an hour on this, and it was the happiest thing I've done all week.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:03 AM

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Just love Oklahoma Joes, the Plaza and Power and Light and all the fountains in the summer. And I really love your magazine page as an envelope.

Posted by Blogger mascanlon @ 11:31 PM #
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