Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The living room

Jason is shooting down my Grande idea for the living room/dining room. See, they're connected, and share a long wall. I want to paint said was super dark and then do a glaze of 12 inch tall horizontal stripes--very subtle. The only thing Jason says when I ask why he's shooting it down is "Because horizontal stripes will make the wall look fat." Thanks, buddy. Very helpful.

One of my loyal readers, Kristi, mentioned that it took weeks for she and her fellow graphic designer husband to pick out paint colors. I'm beginning to lose hope for my creative scheming. I mean, how is it going to get on Apartment Therapy if we don't do anything cool? I never should have married someone artistic. I just want to do what I want to do. This might be a good lesson in marriage compromising.

I will say that I'm shying away from color commitments. Probably because in my house in Nashville I painted the dining room a green that I loved at first, but hated in about a year. So I LOVE color and want to use it, but I keep backing down from it.

Here are the other choices for the living room:

The rug is a Thomas Paul number, and I love it, but it's $815. Haven't dropped that one on Jason yet. Also, don't know about a rug whose colors are listed as "Corn and Cream". We're definitely doing the picture thing on that wall--only more extreme than this swatch, which is why I'm willing to lose the stripes--I think it might compete too much.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 7:57 AM

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I really like that green/taupe combo in the last picture. We went rust red in our foyer and kitchen and I already hate it after about a year. Have fun painting and fixing up!!!

Posted by Anonymous Mary @ 2:07 PM #

Oh, how I have been there, my friend. Garth didn't have any preference at all, which, in some ways, made it WAY harder. Anyway, I agree with the previous post and love the tealish/taupe combo. I think the stripes are cool, but with it that dark makes it look ultra modern and I don't know if that's your style. I love the couch. Is it Pottery Barn or Room and Board?

Posted by Blogger The Clicks @ 3:59 PM #

the couch is sim. to the red one I loved so much. As for that green paint, um, I do recall a photo of me blending into the wall because I has a shirt on the same color, but then again green IS my signature color (getting pinched on St. Patrick's day is NEVER an issue with me).

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 9:04 PM #

Ha ha ha - that has to be the Kristi I know. Hilarious. I'll have to give Kristi and Jay a hard time about that. Also, all of these designs are way cooler than anything I could ever do, so I'll just refrain from even commenting.

Posted by Blogger Cherilyn @ 10:43 PM #
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