Thursday, February 12, 2009

Making Sushi

In our magazine, we talk a lot about "Farmer Ingenuity". I think Midwesterners are especially good at this way of thinking--and so are crafters from around the world.

So when I got a strong hankering for sushi--and trust me, there is none within lunch distance, I had to resort to my own powers. The local Wal-Mart does, however carry these little hand-roll sized nori sheets. And wasabi. Strange, and I have the feeling that I'm the only one buying them, but oh well.

Last time I made sushi it turned out--as my loving husband put it--tasting like a sock soaked in vinegar. And it really kind of did. This time I skipped the vingear. I used simple shrimp, avocado and a tiny tiny sliver of cream cheese (which I'm pretty sure is not on the Japanese diet, but I like it, so there.)

I bought my little rolling mat at the "Oriental Foods" (That's the name, I'm not being politically incorrect) store in Columbia--thank God I live near a University town!

This was delicious, and pretty cheap, and only took about 30 minutes, including the rice! Last time it took like 4 hours! And I'm so thrilled that I can now make my own. That soy and wasabi combination immediately puts a smile on my face.

Here's a YouTube Video tutorial--it's pretty easy!!


Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:31 AM

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Oh yum! Looks great.

Posted by Blogger alice @ 10:18 AM #

Wow! That's awesome! I love sushi, but I'm too scared to try and make it. I also LOVE your have such an artistic eye!

Posted by Blogger The Clicks @ 5:06 PM #

I love sushi too and just in the last few weeks another one of my favorite bloggers has posted a whole lot about a private sushi tutorial her husband gave her as a gift. I didn't know about the sushi "su" or sugared vinegar solution used to hold the rice together with that perfect texture. Lots of other tutorials on pioneer woman around sushi!

Posted by Blogger mascanlon @ 7:44 PM #
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