Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Childhood Memories

Remember seeing this? I found it on YouTube and it totally took me back. It was one of my favorite episodes. I still like seeing factories and how things are made. I especially enjoy all the different colors dispensing into one box of crayolas. Why didn't they put them in in Rainbow order? I guess I just have to do it myself.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 6:11 AM

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I think of this video every time I use Crayola crayons. For some reason, though, I thought it was from Mister Rogers. Oh well.

I saw some great 3D crayon art a few months back at the Frist. Ah... here it is:

Super fun, non?


Posted by Blogger Tisra @ 4:15 PM #

Love this! I think I love the music most...I remembered it as soon as it started. This also reminds me of going to Hallmark in K.C. and watching the machines make bows. So cool!

Posted by Blogger The Clicks @ 5:19 PM #
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