Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What I'm reading

I don't read a lot of fiction books. Not that I don't enjoy fiction, but I have a hard time finding quality writing that isn't down-in-the-dumps depressing. Oprah can pick great writers, but her book club books are time after time downers. I get so caught up in the book that I end up feeling depressed. Not my idea of a great read.

So I read a lot of non-fiction. Select biographies, obviously tons of craft books, and my favorite genre of all--travel writing. Not actual travel books, but any book about the culture of a place I've never been. Or a few spectacular places I have been. I love Frances Mayes' books--Under the Tuscan Sun, Bella Tuscany, and mostly, A Year in the World. Cliche as it is, she's a fantastic writer of food, sun, and people.

My sister introduced me to Three Cups of Tea. It's a meaningful, humbling, beautiful book. Greg Mortensen was a poor mountain climber with several of the world's highest summits under his belt when he promised to build a school in the shadow of the most beautiful and dangerous mountains in the world in rural Pakistan. He slept in his car for months while he worked graveyard shifts as an ER nurse to raise a mere $12,000 to build this school. He wasn't rich to begin with. He dedicated his life and gave up his comfortable bed to help people in one of the world's most remote regions.

Now the Central Asia Institute is building schools for girls and therefore educating an entire generation of people. If you've seen Charlie Wilson's War, you'll see why this is important. Obviously I don't have the space here to detail the history of the region's conflicts, and I'm no where near being an expert.

But you should read this book. It really puts your burning desire for a new handbag in perspective.

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The author was on CBS Sunday morning about 2 weeks ago and I thought the story was interesting. I just might have to pick this one up. It'll have to wait till I'm thorough the Twilight series. I've totally gotten sucked into a love story about teenage vampires!

Posted by Blogger Kristen @ 1:36 PM #

As a reader who also shys away from fiction + gravitates towards travel writing, I might have to give this a go too.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 8:12 PM #

This one's on my reading list for post-grad school enjoyment... glad that it's worth it!


Just wanted to say thankyou- I found your blog from a google search for fabric printing. I used your "foam stamp" idea and it worked a treat. Thankyou!!

Posted by Blogger Bec from honi @ 4:38 PM #

7 copies at the library (in the interest of not having to buy stuff + then house stuff I am only reading books I can get from the library). I am only as far as the intro + I LOVE THIS BOOK, I'm totally drawn in. I was talking to my friend Danielle (the very tiny woman at my birthday party) and remarking that you have a knack for choosing the best books.

So I make this public declaration that you have great taste in books!

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 5:14 PM #
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