Sunday, January 11, 2009

In the Moonlight

Strange shirtless men run amok!

For Christmas, I got a new lens and a camera "clicker" remote cable release (clicker is so much more descriptive, right?) Last night the moon was the biggest it will be in years, so I went out and froze my tookas off. A good start to experimentation, right?

This photo is of the last remaining tree on the farm just 100 feet or so from our front step. The crabby/crappy old farmer bought a huge farm with tons of trees, many of which shielded our home from wind/dust/gravel road noise. He spent a week bulldozing HUNDREDS, maybe thousands of trees into huge piles which he has been burning. As my mom says, that was the source of an extra 5 pounds of stress. It was just absolutely heart-sickening to see it happen. Now we can see the run down houses and trailers on the gravel road, hear the 4 lane highway a mile and a half away, and have all these lovely piles of brush in various stages of pointless burning. Talk about not being green. It makes me sick just to think of it, not to mention the smell of the burning wood. It's all bare now. The farmer told my dad during one of their multiple encounters and unsuccessful negotiations that he thought we would like it better this way. Not so much. Here's what it looked like before:
and after:

Posted by Beth Howard @ 3:21 PM

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YAY! A Beth post!

BOO! To your neighbor.
Who the HELL would ever think that looks better. And as for the smell, 3 days after the New Year's bonfire I could still smell bonfire smell, I could not imagine that being a semi-constant.

But on the flip side: cool moon shot.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 8:54 PM #

I told Ryan that I actually wished for Old Farmer to have a heart attack before he could burn 70 years of trees. He said that wasn't nice. I don't care. I still hate Old Farmer for being such an ignorant craphead and ruining all that land.

I hope he face plants in one of his precious cowpies.

Posted by Blogger My Pal Al @ 11:09 PM #

So sad about the trees. I love trees. I can't imagine my parents farm without them. BUT, I love the pics. When I was home over the weekend, I saw the full moon. It was so beautiful and bright! That's one thing you don't see in the big city.

Posted by Blogger The Clicks @ 9:51 AM #
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