Monday, December 22, 2008

Roll out the presents

Okay, now that the celebrations have started, I'm going to start showing off some presents.

Today's is a family tree. My dad's side of the family does stocking stuffers instead of large gifts for each and every one of us. This year, I drew this little tree, then traced everyone's silhouette. Which was easy except for the picture getting part. But I have quite the library, and so does the rest of the family, so I managed.

I'm thinking about maybe cleaning this up and offering a download and tutorial on it...but after Christmas!

It went over quite well with the family, but I feel like the presentation was a little lackluster. I think I might blow it up much much larger than 8x10 and frame it nicely. As it was, I bought cheapo 8x10 frames at Wal-Mart.

Up next: My Rob-Your-Neighbor gift.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 10:03 PM