Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye, 2008!

Today's post is a look back at 2008:
Top 7 favorite photos:

Top 5 facts about 2008 (In no particular order)

1) I won an emmy this year.

2) I made the most life changes in history in a single year, and I survived! Maybe even thrived!
(New job, married, moved across 4 states, live with my parents, sold a house)

3) I made 2 international trips--to Sevilla, Spain, and Tuscany, Italy

4) Some of my friends and family have had their toughest years this year, and are ready for '09

5) A lot of the stuff I have stored at my grandmother's house which I thought was so important, I've completely forgotten about. Perhaps I don't need it all so desperately after all?

Now, top 5 Goals for 2009:

1) make more artwork. then sell more artwork.

2) Work on my illustration skills.

3) Apply to craft shows in KC, St. Louis, and Chicago

4) Design and print some fabric at Spoonflower

5) Design more blurb books: honeymoon book, a Quilt Encyclopedia of my family's quilts, and a family cookbook

6) Save, save, save, so I can move out of my parent's basement and into our grown up house.

7) Learn how to count. This is clearly more than 5.

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Hello 2009!
I hope all went well yesterday, I was think about your family.
I managed to have a good day with Tom, then later Mike + Danielle, dispite the fact that it did not include you.
Let me know how things went as soon as you have a little time.
Lots of love,

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 5:26 PM #
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