Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Why you should NEVER go to Lowe's. (Oh yes I did.)

Let me start by saying that I don't usually use this blog to rant. Now get ready. Here's my friendly advice for the day: NEVER CUSTOM ORDER ANYTHING from Lowe's Home Improvement. Here is what my kitchen looks like. See a problem?

Here's the basic breakdown errors:
Cabinets ordered mid-September, we were told it would be 2 weeks to get them in, then a few days to get the contractor out to install.

The order was lost, add 2 weeks.

The contractor never calls, add 2 weeks.

Finally they come to install LAST WEEK (8 weeks later than promised), and the imbecil who placed the order didn't order the right size for the bar.

Last week they said they would be in no later than this Friday.

Yesterday we get a call that says that it's been pre-ordered and should be in NEXT Wednesday. WTF, man! No mention of, oh, we're sorry, we know we told you Friday. And what the HELL does "Pre-Order" mean? That it's going to be ANOTHER 8 or 9 weeks before we actually get them?

This is totally unacceptable, and unprofessional behavior. I'm so glad we got the cabinets at IKEA ourselves, because clearly Lowe's is completely incompetent in dealing with their customers in any way.

They've never seemed suprised or sorry that things have gone so badly. It's a complete outrage how much money we're paying them for disrespect and terrible service.

How's that for not ranting. Yeah.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:23 AM

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I worked for Home Depot for 5 years... stuff like that happens all the time. And let me tell you, if you put up a fit to the fight management, you'll get money back. It's worth it.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 10:30 AM #

You are not the first I've heard from about the pitiful service on custom orders. One friend ordered all new kit. cabs. - the WRONG ones were delivered TWICE!! They did finally get the right ones, and they were beautiful, but definitely not worth the headaches and time involved (3 mo extra!)
I personally ordered three (3) bathroom light fixtures from online Home Depot. They were delivered when they said they would, but I was confused when I saw the boxes - they looked really BIG for bath fixtures. Turns out Home Depot online had tripled my order. I was only charged for the 3 fixtures I ordered, they sent 9....... I immediately sent an e-mail to cust. service online (as suggested on invoice). No reply. No reply. No reply. Three days later, I call cust service. They were very nice - we'll send someone to pick up. No pick up. No pick up. No pick up. Tried calling again. No. No. No. Went to store - can I return these here? No. Online. blah blah blah. HMMMMMM.......
Three YEARS later, I gave 2 to niece, 2 to sister in law, 2 to friend.

Posted by Anonymous k23 @ 1:06 PM #

I think it depends on the Lowes location. The one in West Nashville has been completely psycho about calling me every day to make sure everything was going o.k. In reality, everything was a mess - they ordered the wrong thresh hold and installed an ugly gold metal thresh hold on my brand new bathroom tile but they are going to take care of it, you just have to not mind waiting. Still waiting on it to be fixed... that reminds me where the hell is that contractor???

Posted by Blogger freshie (and zero) @ 10:52 AM #
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