Thursday, November 06, 2008

Time to quilt!

I put the top, batting, and backing together for this new quilt last night. I used the spray glue type basting stuff, which I normally love becaus it keeps everything so smooth and wrinkle-free. This time, though, I realized I've never tried to hand-stitch through the stuff. It's quite sticky and not pleasant. And now I have a whole quilt to stitch. I'm hoping as time goes on it will be less sticky, or else I'm going to have very sore fingers for the next few weeks.

I've been in a white quilts mood lately. I love how it makes the colors pop, and with such subtle colors in this quilt, it was mandatory.

Did you know that Wal-Mart doesn't sell embroidery floss anymore? What the heck? I think they replaced it with scrapbooking supplies and cake decorating nozzles. (Haha I think the word "Nozzles" is really funny)

Now I get it at one of the little quilting stores in Mexico, Mo where I work. That's all well and good because I'm supporting local business, but they're only open 9-5 Monday-Saturday. Mostly, I just find it disturbing that Wal-Mart is edging out their crafts section. Way out here in the corn fields my options for see-and-touch live shopping are VERY limited. Even JoAnn is 30 minutes away!

This is my mom's quilt frame--it's several PVC pipes put together with clips to keep your quilt in place. A lot easier than the traditional quilt frame. It's brand name is QSnap if you want to know. I can pull it up right to the sofa. It makes for a lovely working surface. I feel like I could just dream anything up and stitch it, but then again, my plan for this quilt is basic running stitch.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:14 AM

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if they do start carrying it in a big pack of 24 and it's not dmc (like my wal-mart started doing) don't buy it! it bleeds. lesson learned the hard way. :)

i agree with how beautiful the subtle colors are against the white.

(longtime lurker, btw. just wanted to warn you against bad floss. hehe)

Posted by Blogger Francie @ 11:25 AM #
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