Monday, November 03, 2008

A quiet saturday

Jason would rather spend the last 75 degree sunny Saturday of the year at his drawing table than outside digging canna bulbs with me and my mom. My hamstrings are sore today, but I've gotten a lot of fresh air and some artwork done.

These are strips for a new quilt. I have a goal of making at least 4 new large scale abstract quilts by February. I have a big dream of trying to market them to interior designers or galleries or something. I keep thinking of all the things I could do to get my artwork out there--but I can't really get it "out" there until I have some artwork to show.

I had my first nightmare about the Artisan Festival (it's in June) last night -- that when I showed up to look around Nancy Saturn said "oh, you can have a booth" so I sent my dad home to get the tent. Then I realized that I hadn't sew bags since the last festival, then I realized I didnt have ANYTHING good to sell.

I wonder if I'm suffering from festival withdrawal. I told myself I would take time off from such a low-profit margin activity and concentrate on my new job, house, husband and new artwork. But I want to continue doing the show in Nashville. It's so great, no matter how hot it is!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 6:29 AM

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Can I just tell you how happy I am when I see that you have a new post?
No, you won't let me?
Well fine then, see if I care!

Good stuff, look forward to updated photos on your quilts.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 7:10 PM #

Yep, that craft show stress can sneak up on you. I'm trying to cut back myself.

Posted by Blogger Felicia @ 7:49 PM #

I am pretty sure I wanted to spend the last 75 degree sunny saturday by myself, but you wouldnt let me.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 10:00 AM #
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