Sunday, November 30, 2008

Life in a Northern Town

This is the scene from our backyard this morning. I'm sure I'll be sick of the snow and slush by March, but right now, it's so pretty! The weather here in Missouri is really not that different from Nashville--probably 5 degrees--but those 5 degrees kept snow from sticking more than once a year in Nashville. Here, we'll get enough to make snow men several times. Hooray! I need to go get some boots.

The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally the day our family decorates for Christmas. Surprisingly, I have a severe HATRED for decorating for Christmas. I like the end result, I just hate the process. A lot. This year wasn't so bad, I put in a couple of hours, then went downstairs to print.

Jason got a stocking tacked on at the end. I might have to break down and make him one myself. He's really getting indoctrinated in the Christmas spirit. We take it very seriously here.

I bought my little silver tree for 75% off at Urban Outfitters last year. Little did I know it would be the perfect thing for our basement apartment! We watched tv last night after Jason got home from work, and I was the happiest I've been in our new living room because of those dang twinkle lights! Something about the way I stuck 2 entire strands onto the world's tiniest tree really lit up the room and made it feel like my house, not my parents'.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:46 AM

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Love the song title blog titles.

I also have a dislike of decorating for Christmas. I love going to my parent's and it's done, but debating if I should do something for our first Christmas in our first home. Mom suggested a rosemary tree so I could at least plant it afterwards.

I have an enormous hate for Christmas music...too many years working in retail!

Damn, I sound like such a Scrooge.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 5:43 PM #

Love your blog. What a cute tree that is... I wish I had one too.

What pattern is that quilt with the vine on it... love that.

Posted by Blogger Mrs. Doodle @ 10:34 PM #
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