Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Wedding of Jenn and Aaron

Cedarwood, Nashville, Tennessee. 6pm. Friday.

I'm not sure where you start with describing your dear friends' wedding. Just a few adjectives: Romantic. Loving. Candlelit. Warm. Affectionate. Artistic. Beautiful. Autumnal. Sweet. Perfect. So Jennifer and Aaron.

I didn't take many photos during the wedding because I didn't want to cause a distraction or bother the bride and groom. I figure they hired a photographer for a reason.

I took many befores and afters, though! I love this blurry shot of Jenn and her bridesmaids. She wore a mustard colored J.Crew cardigan on top of her dress--so pretty!

The flowers were gorgeous. I probably took 30 photos of them. The late afternoon sun was shining through some clouds, so the light was perfect!

Two words: Pumpkin cake. Oh. Yeah. Jenn made this cake topper all by her little self! Amazing, no? I spied a little scrap of some vintage fabric that I handed down to Jenn as I was moving. Excellent!

These were the favors. Delicious and very personal. They had a little Tennessee vs. Arizona theme going. Dinner was a fajita bar and pulled pork, and it was delicious!

Before the wedding I arranged and rearranged these bowls, some photos and napkins. I went back and Cedarwood's slightly witchy wedding coorinator arranged them differently. Not badly, just differently. So I re-re-arranged them, and she re-re-re-arranged them. She won.

Complete pics here.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 10:52 PM

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It looks like so much fun. I love beautiful weddings with personality. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Blogger Katie R @ 11:48 PM #

your photos are so pretty! thank you for being there and for making this post and for being such a great friend. :)

.xo. Jenn

ps: I've been passing this link around to absolutely everyone. and also the link to photos. you rock!

Posted by Blogger Jenn @ 5:28 PM #

I can't believe you were in Nashville last weekend and I was in Missouri! Boo. You MUST let me know next you're here!

Posted by Blogger The Clicks @ 3:15 PM #

Thanks for sharing, too bad I did not have a Jenn wedding post too. That cartigan is SO Jenn + I love the quilt! It's SO Jenn too. Really pissed that you were in Nashville + I did not get to see you, but it was my own damn fault!

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 8:48 PM #

I am going nuts over that cake!! Congrats on your new job. Best of luck. Can't wait to check in again.

Posted by Blogger perfect bound @ 12:43 PM #
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