Thursday, October 09, 2008

Etsy Love

I go in and out of obsession with Etsy. Sometimes I just find it so overwhelming to wade through all the pages. There is so much FANTASTIC art on there, but so much crap, too.

So I'm always looking for a way to find my way through the huge amount of listings. If you have an account when you see something you like, you can "heart" it. I do this so I don't lose track of things I think I might buy, for myself or for gifts.

I've long wished that Etsy had a wishlist function so that people who love me could get me gifts from Etsy's lovely artists, and I'm really smacking my forehead, but I recently snapped to attention and realized that ... DUH you can see people's favorites--even if you're not logged in!

This means that people can see the things I love, and I can go to my favorite people's shops and see what awesome taste they have--it's a way of community editing of the entire site. Brilliant!

So..Mom, Allison, Lauren, and's the link to my favorites. Christmas is just around the corner! And if you forget the link... just go to my (or anyone's) shop, and click on the "Favorites" button on the right hand side. This is my new obsession. Good thing it's deadline week at work, or I might be tempted to shop.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:12 AM

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Didn't mom tell you?

There isn't going to be a christmas this year. Have you seen the stock markets? So, I guess it really doesn't matter if you still lived in Nashville....

better luck next year. Maybe I'll buy you a gunny sack.

Posted by Anonymous larny @ 8:06 PM #
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