Thursday, September 04, 2008

Where I'll be for the next week

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Ladies and gentlemen, I'm taking off on my honeymoon. We're going to this amazing corner of the world: Pienze, Italy. This is a home and farm called Terrapille. They filmed one of the last scenes of Gladiator there. It's also known as an "Agriturismo" in Italy--a working farm that also allows boarders. My cousins Mark and Jessica stayed here back in the spring and highly recommended it.

We're renting a car in Rome at the airport--funny since the most crazy driving I remember from the first trip I made to Italy happened right outside the airport. I'm a little concerned, but determined to stay strong!

I could write so much more, and I wish I had had the time to schedule out posts for the next week to keep you interested, but alas, it's busy time at work and I needed to pack!!

Have a great week, and be ready for a barage when I get home!!


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Stay strong is right - those people drive like maniacs! Drive like a New York taxi driver - that's all I gotta say!

And Florence... You should definitely just walk around the Arno - up through the Palazzo Uffizi and cross the river to see the Pitti Palace gardens - that is definitely worth a trip. Just walk around and try and get lost - you'll find some amazing things and pay a lot less for food, too! Also - you should definitely reserve your tickets to any of the attractions (the Duomo, the David, etc) ahead of time so you don't have to wait in line for hours! The Bargello museum is small but less crowded and has some amazing Art History finds including a small bronze version of the David. Have fun!!!

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