Monday, September 22, 2008

The Food--and the Cake

The cake was one of the things that I put on the "I'm not going to obsess over" list. I hardly remember the cakes at the last several weddings I've been to. It just gets cut so early, and I remember more about how it tastes than how it looks. I told my sister that and she reeled off the last 6 cakes she's eaten, and I had to take a second thought.

The day of the wedding, the cake was one of the things that made me super happy. It was just gorgeous! It was just exactly what I wanted, but didn't know it. I think the the decorator didn't want to do beige for the background, but it turned out wonderfully.

The cake came from Chez Monet in Jefferson City, Missouri. Joan did an amazing job. I'm trying to get her to let me design her a new website. It tasted unbelievable, too. We had 150 people at the wedding, and had cake for 220, but there were only 7 or 8 servings left of wedding cake. The proof is in the frosting, I guess.

I bought the topper at my favorite Nashville store--Pangaea. And I really loved it too. I have always loved the little bride and groom, so it was one thing I did that was very traditional, just for the fun factor.

The other big idea I had for food was the punch. I saw this punch in a jar idea in a Martha Stewart Wedding book, and we searched high and low for the containers--finally found them at Crate and Barrel. The punches are all in wedding colors, and were so delicious--at least that's what I heard--I only had a sip or two. I kept getting a glass of something and then setting it down to go out on the dance floor.

The catering was done exceptionally well by The Gourmet Guide from Jefferson City. I'm trying to design her a website also. We had appetizers down on the patio after the wedding--bruschetta and other crostini type stuff. The menu for dinner was their famous roast beef, this awesome bread-crumb chicken, twice baked potato casserole, green beans, and corn succotash like the Cheesecake Factory's.

The food was sooooo delicious. My dress was a little snug, or I would have had third helpings. As it was I couldn't even finish my entire meal. But we got to take the leftovers home, so I had it for the rest of the week. Except for the potatoes---they were devoured!

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So I like cake. What's weird about that?

Btw that was the best wedding I've ever had. And I would remember :-)

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