Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion

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Busily working at the sewing machine this week! I have some GORGEOUS new fabric, and a show at the end of the week, so I'm cranking out the handbag goodness.

This year I'm really cranking it up. By "it" I mean style, functionality, everything. I think that what I do really well when it comes to purses is the big, comfy, functional bag. With really cool fabric, of course. So I'm not spending gobs of time sewing little tailored patchworks, although I do love the look of those.

You are all under strict orders to come see me Friday (noon-6) Saturday (10-6) or Sunday (10-6). At Centennial Park on West End. That's right. I don't care if you live in Croatia! Just kidding. But if you live in Nashville, please come and say hi!

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Wow, those look great and you really did crank them out! See you there!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 6:24 AM #

Those are gorgeous. I would love any of them, but my eye keeps being drawn to the bottom right. Beautiful work.

Posted by OpenID pincushionpoints @ 10:01 AM #

me likey the pursies. Also, I wish I could come help/keep you company/ keep Jean Howard in check. And oddly enough I have a scholar from Croatia. Even more bizarre is that her nunga nungas are larger than mine. Exotic beauty is just not fair.

Posted by Anonymous larn @ 12:15 PM #

You weren't kidding about the cranking.....great stuff! Too bad I won't be able to get there from Croatia this weekend......have a great show!

Posted by Blogger kim @ 10:18 PM #
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