Wednesday, June 04, 2008

See? I told you I'm sewing!

Here are some clutches I've been working on. It's a struggle to dig out the time, but it must be done. Here's the list of things I have swirling around my head right now:

To do:
sew purses
assemble notebooks
cut strings on cuffees
buy shutters for shelving
spray paint shutters (what colors)
wedding cake
clean kitchen floor
small pro-bono freelance project
sew wallets
finish paintings
assemble cards and prints
healthy food for lunch
Write curriculum for Watkins Class
Update website
tissue paper flowers

And today's big stress: and appearance on Talk of the Town! I'll be doing block printing. Set your DVR's or Tivo's for 11:15 am!

This was inspired by a clutch in a Japanese craft book.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 6:45 AM

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Love the bags! So cute! Can't wait to see all of your stuff. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help! I know what it's like to plan a wedding and have family/friends too far away to help. So, I'm here if you need me!!!

Posted by Blogger The Clicks @ 9:58 AM #

I love the Japanese inspired clutch. The patchwork is fantastic, and I love the accentuated stitching. Good luck with everything going on.

Posted by OpenID pincushionpoints @ 10:28 AM #

How was Talk of the Town?? When are you teaching at Watkins [I was just there tonight!]? Is it a sewing class? Can I ask anymore questions? Will you answer?


Posted by Blogger Kristi @ 8:21 PM #
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