Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hands Shaking, She Takes the Stage

Yesterday I did a craft segment on Talk of the Town--the local news and entertainment show on NewsChannel5 in Nashville. Yeah, so I work there. But that doesn't make it less stressful! In fact, the idea that all the people I spend my whole day with are watching makes it much more scary!!

I demonstrated block printing. It went really well! Only minimal hands-shaking, and I also said "I'm pretty good at lots of things" which sounds really conceited. I meant, I'm sort of good at several things, but not great at any one thing.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:44 AM

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Yay Beth! You look beautiful, and spoke calmly- I'm sure you convinced all sorts of non-crafters to give it a go! I want 3 of the Father's Day cards... are they going to be on your etsy site? Or could I paypal you and then have you send them to me?

Posted by Blogger Tisra @ 10:34 AM #

You did great! I'm so proud of you! I also think it's great the station gives you the chance to promote your other work - good stuff. Hooray for you!

Posted by Blogger The Clicks @ 10:43 AM #

oooOOoo you pritty. Good job, bifi. I'm very proud of you.

Posted by Anonymous larny @ 7:27 PM #

aaaak, you're such a natural on camera. you did great! super cute cards too... hope to see you at the art festival! i bet you're mobbed by new fans. :)

Posted by Blogger Kristi @ 11:26 PM #

very nice... what a pro. And they gave you a nice plug this time too. Good luck with the show. Your things are looking great!

Posted by Blogger kim @ 5:21 PM #

You looked like a pro! What a great segment! It is super scary to be in a studio in front of all those cameras and you did fabulous, dahling.

Posted by Blogger freshie (and zero) @ 4:01 PM #

Dear Beth! Almost 6 months ago I was doing poppy lino cut! And I was swearing! But like hot it turned out! But nevere occured to me to try with eraser! The moment I was your video (and it was midnight) I took school eraser from kid's school bag and was thrilled how easier that way was! thans!!!!!!

Posted by Blogger Sandra @ 6:05 PM #
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