Thursday, May 15, 2008


TUESDAY^^^ was busy, so not much sketching.
At work we have these big sketch books for sketching out ideas--graphics for news stories of the day, ideas for logos for things, layouts for print ads, etc. Generally, I doodle in mine during the morning news meeting and when I'm trying to render an animation on my computer. We have these great inky black pens--And they're cheapies! They're Bic Cristal Medium Gel, and I bought 7 of them for $1.57 the other day for home use. (I'm not a stealer of office pens.)


I should explain that the reason every page has a "4pm" and "5pm" is that I do the graphics for the 4 and 5 news casts everyday, and I have to get a list of graphics to make for each one. And what I write down is shorthand so that I will know when I get upstairs to my computer what to make. For example: Up above on the Thursday "5pm" Section, I wrote "Spider cage" which meant I had to go out and find a photo of this rehabilitation tool for kids on the internet or on video and put it into the graphic system so that while the anchor was talking about it, there was a picture of it Over The Shoulder. This is called an "OTS". We also make maps and things to illustrate statistics, etc. Sometimes it's really fun, and sometimes it's not.

On "tuesday" up there, you can see my notes about vegetable gardens. We decided in the morning news meeting to talk to people who are growing and buying local veggies to save money and gas, so I did some research for a fullscreen. I'll post the final of that later today.

Friday was really a hurry up and wait type day. I was transcribing 911 calls so that the word on the tv screen and the audio from the tape would appear at the same time. I would work all that out, then wait for it to save (render) into a movie for the photographer to edit into the news story. You can see some of the sound bites written up at the top there. I

So, that's your lesson in Television Graphics for the day. Oh, yeah, and i'm pretty proud of my sketches. Productive time-wasting! Love it!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 10:16 AM

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I doodle in my boring meetings (and there are a LOT of them), but my sketches never look this good! :)

Posted by Blogger The Clicks @ 11:49 AM #

I love the window into your wrk world! So neat! Doodles are terribly underrated! I look forward to seeing the before and after... like, doodle to finished news-worthy graphic.

Posted by Blogger Tisra @ 11:51 AM # i'm going out and buying a sketch book and those pens immediately. seriously. I have got to start sketching again.

and i looove your sketches!! friday is my favorite. and every time we saw that 911 story, we were like "yeah, Beth did that!"

.xo. Jenn

Posted by Anonymous Jenn @ 12:07 PM #

Now for the smart ass comment... I was really wanting to call Kristen, thank's for posting her tele #.

Mr & Mrs Peterson got your STD + are very excited!

(I'm at work + the walls are closing in on me, but isn't the best place to feel insane at a mental health clinic???)

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 4:17 PM #

Ha ha - Shona cracks me up.

I like Friday the best, too. It kind of makes me wish I had boring meetings to doodle through...

Posted by Blogger freshie (and zero) @ 12:03 AM #

Those are fun, Beth! Glad I'm not alone in the boring. Sometime soon I'll post some...but from church, work, meetings, phone calls...? I'll have to choose. I got some great cheapie pens from Office Depot with a super fine point that I'm hooked on.

ps. Got a sewing machine this weekend, so now I'm doodling future/someday projects!

Posted by Blogger Kristi @ 8:32 PM #
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