Thursday, May 01, 2008

the Downside of spring

I don't really love Spring. I love Summer, especially late summer and early Autumn, but I hate the cold, damp, untrustworthy Spring weather. However, I love flowers, and seeing things come up in my little patch of jungle. The weeds are definitely on the winning side right now. I consider vinca the bane of my existence. It's all over everything!

What I do love about spring is the eyes-bigger-than-full sun dirt trips to the farmer's market for seedlings and new beginnings. I only have the smallest strip of full sun in my backyard, so any desire for a vegetable garden will have to wait. This year I grew seedlings of zinnias, some of my favorites, and planted 4 each of tomato, pepper, and zucchini.

Jason made fun of me last year when I didn't want to eat my single tomato that grew from a pot. I swear it's because I didn't want to lose the one tomato, but possible I was a little scared of it too. What if I waited for it to grow all summer, then it didn't taste good? Also, I forgot to stake the tomato with a cage, so it fell over. This year, after having read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I think I will relish the small quantities of fresh veggies. We'll see. I am pretty darn sick of pale pink flavorless tomatoes, and summer is just around the corner!

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I had no idea what vinca was. Still not sure if I've encountered it before but Wiki says, "They do not respond to common herbicides and require hormone based sprays to control." Yikes.

I am really wanting to grow my own stuff, too. Did not succeed last year after spending a LOT of time and money on a little patch. Got two itty carrots and a few leaves of spinach. LOTS of lemon mint, which I have little use for (but makes good mojitos). Going to try not growing from seed this year- I think our biggest problem was the insane amount of birds our small back garden gets! I think I need to read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle ( hear lots of good about it!) but have used The Square Foot Garden as my gardening help book.

Blabber, blabber- time for me to be quiet. Good luck with your garden!

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