Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Buried in STDs

I'm trying really hard to get these Save the Date cards out. It feels like the final lap in a race, and I just keep plugging along. Really, it's just the first quarter mile, and I'm huffing and puffing. Typical. That's not tequila in that glass, it's a gouache water. Gouache is the best stuff ever--like watercolor but opaque! So you can have any color you ever dreamed of for calligraphy ink.

It's taken 2 evenings so far just to get them addressed. I'm trying to hand-letter them in an effort to practice for the real invites. And I think I WAY under estimated how time consuming it is just to get people's addresses and put them in a simple database. Fellow brides-to-be: Get that part out of the way ASAP!

At least after the STDs are out I'll have everyone's address in one format, in one place, and will be ready to go when the time for invitations comes around. Which I've decided will be after the American Artisan Festival on June 14th. All things must be prioritized or I will certainly lose my mind in the near future. I'm already sort of brain dead. It's like I have so much on my mind that I can't seem to put together sentences when I talk to people I prefer that they talk to me instead. I'm just talking in circles.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:13 AM

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I can TOTALLY relate. I remember addressing envelopes was the worst part and my writing is not nearly as pretty as yours! I was so excited to send out the beautiful invites you made, but it seemed like an eternity to make it happen. Hands just can't write fast enough! Anyway, if you need any help, PLEASE let me know. I can't write like you do, but I'm a mean stamp-putter-onner. ;)

Posted by Blogger The Clicks @ 10:56 AM #

I agree.....it is much more fun to do with a small group of friends...even if you are the only one writing! There's always envelope-putting-in and stamp-putting-on to be done. The STD's look really lovely. Exciting stuff, but you are right...lots of work, too.... My suggestion: print out a copy of your newly made database now and cut it up to put each address on it's own 3x5 index card in a small card box in alpha order. Then if you receive a gift from someone, you can write it on the card and place the card in the front of the box. That way you can keep track of what thank you's you need to write and you can do them one or two at a time.

Posted by Blogger kim @ 3:04 PM #

Isn't there a cure for your little problem??? maybe a shot of Penecillin???
I changed the photo of you on my post about TACA + you look far less crazy. I'm sure that makes you feel better since it sounds like you are feeling crazy from your STD's!!!!!!
(I've got the Jenn affliction with the multiple punctuation marks going on)

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 6:34 PM #
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