Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Oh, friends. I'm sorry I went MIA. Sometimes it's just hard to juggle everything, and I don't feel like blogging when I'm tired/grumpy. You're welcome for that. It's been really rainy here most mornings for the past couple of weeks, and it's just so hard to get out of bed to exercise that I put it off till the last minute, which leaves no time for blogging. And I've been starting up the engine for American Artisan Festival in 3 weeks (Yikes!!) That painting up there is the first of a series I want to do on pattern. I don't know if anyone will buy them, but I try not to think about that. Sometimes I just want to get an idea out. But it bothers me that it probably won't sell. Hmm. Probably the age-old conflict for artists.

This weekend Jason and I went to Missouri to take care of some wedding stuff--tasting cake, tasting wine, checking out the winery and meeting with the minister. And here are the bridesmaid's dresses! From J-Crew. I love them! And I think all the sisters will too. They have pockets. How cool is that?

Whenever we go visit my parents, I take projects. My mom is commonly known as the Craft Fairy because she magically finishes your unfinished projects. I took her a ton of tissue paper flowers that we're using in the centerpieces, and she says she cranked out 16 last night, which is way more than I've ever been able to accomplish in an evening. Only 384 more to go, ma!

And my sister Lauren hired Jason freelance to come up with drawings of the campers living in her hall for the summer camp where she's counseling this summer. I was really amazed when he just sat down and came up will all of these in an hour or so. True genious.

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Posted by Beth Howard @ 7:49 AM

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Wow, so glad you're back....and with so much to say! Ok, first, I LOVE the b-maid dresses!!!! Your sisters better be grateful--they get to look GOOD. Second, I love Jason's cartoons...really amazing--I must meet this man. Third, cool painting...I'm sure it has a place in some lucky shopper's home. Fourth, go Craft Fairy...she's the best! I think that's it for today.....thanks for the post.

Posted by Blogger kim @ 9:02 AM #

your sister is is your mom.

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