Monday, May 05, 2008

An art-filled weekend

The weekend started out with a brief foray of Trevor's amazing artwork. Someday I WILL own one of those farm/house giant paintings. I would post it here, but don't want to infringe on his copyright.

Then a glorious sunny Saturday with Shona in the park. We attempted to print, but I gave up actual printing because we were talking too--errr---I mean--the ink was drying too much on the plate. It was such a fun day!

We both ended up with pieces from Susan Smith Clay. I want to be friends with her. Although she probably thinks I'm crazy after seeing the photo Shona took. Her pots are AMAZING.

I also lusted after these wind-mobile metal sculptures. Perhaps I should spend my money on a lawn service that would hack through the jungle of my backyard. Thanks to all of you for the bug-ridding suggestions. My zinnias will be safe!

Then on Sunday we had "art in the backyard" time. This is Jason's masterpiece from the last 2 weekends. Last weekend I was a bad friend/girlfriend/future wife and voiced my opinion too strongly about his plans for this piece. I was trying to help, but not in a very nice way. So after the week passed, he finally told me, and I felt terrible. After the storm blew over, I guess he felt like finishing it, and this is the result. Isn't it INCREDIBLE? I mean, not really my style of pretty colors and flowers, but it's really so Jason and I absolutely love it. You should click on the photo and check out the detail on the drawings and the amazing texture.

Here is what I was working on. Just like my beloved high school art teacher, Barb, says "I always end up painting with my fingers."

This is 36x36, and it's now hanging in the office of a co-worker. I'm calling it my revolving gallery.

It was so great! I felt hungover this morning after such an art filled weekend.

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Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:28 PM

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No, I think that Susan Smith would think we are crazy because we acted like crazy, insane freak-a-zoids in her booth, not because of the photo I took (sorry about that). THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SPENDING SAT WITH ME!

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 7:21 PM #

It's too bad Susan Smith doesn't add an initial to her name or otherwise alter it a little (remember the Susan Smith who drowned all of her children?) - that name will always creep me out! Other than that - how awesome is her pottery AND how awesome that she's done the Buyer's Market of American Craft! Cool!

Posted by Blogger freshie (and zero) @ 4:21 AM #

Sounds like a great weekend!! I love Jason's painting...very cool. Thanks for all the interesting links.

Posted by Blogger kim @ 10:45 PM #
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