Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Harvests

My friend Carrie drove all the way down from Mid-Missouri just to get a crack at my letterpress. Well, and to see me also.

So after chatting all day at MamaMade, we packed up and headed back home, anxious to get started printing.

Carrie has an incredible knack for simple, beautiful drawings. I had her do some sketches and send them to me, then I cleaned up the edges and sent them to Owosso for magnesium plates. You can see those in the previous post. Designs include pine cones, sea shells, and a spindly flower. I'm still sort of getting used to the press and troubleshooting, but toward the end we were getting some pretty great results.

Here are the pine cones which are waiting to be made into some cards and envelopes.

We have plans to water color the sea shells for original artwork prints. And keep your eyes peeled (what does that mean, anyway?) for a new joint etsy shop. As soon as we can think of a brilliant name, we'll put it up. Suggestions welcome. Speaking of Etsy, I'm putting up my recipe cards with handsewn bags in just a minute.


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When I have money I will buy your pretty things.

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