Thursday, April 17, 2008

STDs (Save the Dates, silly!)

I'm having a major change of heart. Probably the first of many. Here is my grande idea for Save the Dates, and I feel strongly about sending out STDs (hehe) since it will be a travel wedding for so many of our friends and family.

I spent 2 evenings carving this thing out, and now I only feel so so about it. Maybe it's just that the test print doesn't look great. I didn't want to ink up the whole press rig, so I just used my little hand press. And honestly didn't even try very hard at that.

Now I'm waffling about several things:

1) this is SO different from my ideas for the invitations. Is that okay? Is it too rustic?

2) I wanted to print light ink on dark brown paper, but also want to include travel info on the back. I've never printed light on dark, so I have no idea if that's going to work or not.

3) I want it to be a mailable postcard, but don't know if I can print the light ink in tiny print for the back side.

This is the way I'm torturing myself lately. It's probably not a big deal, but you know how it is--you feel the pressure to do things EXACTLY the way you want. I think this is exacerbated for people like me who design things the way everyone else wants all day long. I've looked forward to designing things for ME for so long, I want it just right. My inner perfectionist is coming out, and I think she's not so friendly. Look out!!

Please feel free to weigh in about these problems--you guys always seem to have either a solution or a reassuring word. And I will honestly not mind someone saying "chuck it and start over."


Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:34 AM

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Hey there,

I think this is very cute! Yes, it is rustic, but I like it. However, if that's not the look you're going for, then scrap it. Remember, YOU are the client this time. :) You know darn well that if a client wasn't happy, they would feel comfortable telling you to start over. So, you should be comfortable telling yourself that. What might help is if you start on your wedding invitations first if you want them to match. Just a thought. Let me know if you want to talk it through. I'm happy to help!!! I know that whatever you do, it will be great!

Posted by Blogger The Clicks @ 10:06 AM #


I think the design is cute, fun, and lighthearted. Slightly rustic (but using the press rollers will probably eliminate that and then I wouldn't call it "rustic" anymore)

I think that Save the Date cards really set the tone for what is to come, so having them in a similar vein to your invites, and the event itself, is helpful but not necessary. As you know, color is a great unifier-make them all the same colors. I like the idea of light ink on dark paper.

I've had issues with mailing my designs as postcards. They don't wear well in the mail. But, I use water-based ink, and should have probably used oil-based.

Posted by Blogger Tisra @ 10:41 AM #

I have no opinion. (I need practice saying that.)

Big T

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11:38 AM #

Thanks, Dad.

Posted by Blogger Beth Howard @ 12:56 PM #

I think your cards are real cute, I also wanted to let you know that is my anniversary. And then in 2004 my 1st grandaughter was born on that date, so its a good one. I am not creative enough to give any new ideas but best wishes & don't get too stressed out about matching most will mark on calendar & card will get lost before invite gets there anyway. Do what you like.

Posted by Anonymous phyllis @ 2:02 PM #

Hey, I've been down this STD road before, so thought I'd share some thoughts.

1) STDs don't need to bear any resemblance to your invitations, in fact, they are usually much more casual. This was the conventional wisdom from the forums I frequented anyway.

2) You may want to do the travel info as a printed sticker on the back since the readability is so important (just a thought).

3) If you don't want them to get mangled, you should put them in an envelope. The mail system is rough, and your cards are too pretty to get destroyed. Plus they will put a sticker on the bottom with a bar code and that will ruin your look.

Congrats! And don't worry, the torture is normal but it doesn't last forever ;)

Posted by Anonymous jessica @ 3:11 PM #

I agree with many on here. A sticker on the back could be a great solution. I was going to suggest what if you designed the back of the postcard on the computer and had them printed out (or printed them from home), then use the block for the front, as planned. is that even possible?

oh and definitely an envelope if you don't want it getting stamped/messed up. if you DO want it to get stamped/have even more character, I think it could look cool that way, too. being that it IS a postcard and all. :)

first and foremost, whatever you can do to minimize your stress/time/ it!!! If your gut is saying you want to start from scratch, go for it.

otherwise, I really love the design and agree that as long as color ties them together, they definitely don't have to match the invites!

my two or three or four cents!

.xo. Jenn

Posted by Anonymous Jenn @ 5:11 PM #

baahahaha Dad: I have no opinion

hahaah good one dad. Anyway bifi- I agree that you should just do what you want. It is your only save the date card chance......but it is only a save the date. Don't stress too much over it. the sticker idea is a good one, but you may think that's too "scrap-booky" if you put it in an envelope you can just throw in another small pretty piece of paper (maybe in a mango or green like your other colors to tie in the brown post card. I love you!

Posted by Anonymous larny @ 8:19 AM #

dammit. i just wrote a long comment and it was deleted.

i'll call you tomorrow and we'll discuss.

basically - i love your save the dates but you should love them enough to frame them so if you don't go back to the drawing board!

Posted by Blogger freshie (and zero) @ 3:41 PM #

STD's are nothing to joke about Beth. I could show you pictures that would curl your hair. Speaking of, what are we doing with ours for the wedding?

Posted by Blogger Allison @ 3:49 PM #

AHHHH! I love love love this!

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