Monday, April 21, 2008

Save the Dates Round 2

Much better! I'm still having ink problems with my linoleum plates, but I like the look of this. I worked on the carving a little, and re-did the borders.

I forgot to say earlier--but THANK YOU so much for all the kind comments. I felt so much better after reading them!! It's so easy to second guess yourself when you have so many ideas. I actually think the land of blogs makes things more complicated. My lovely friend Jenn came over for some wedding brain dump on Friday night, and she talked me down from totally changing colors and hating my dress and on and on. I know you only get married once (hopefully) but contrary to popular belief, this is not the end all and be all of my public display of artistic talent. It's gonna be fine. It's gonna be fine. It's gonna be fine.

This is the major accomplishment of my weekend. Otherwise, lots of plant and seed purchasing, walking outdoors and dinner with friends.

Here is why the FIT is so great--a 37 x 74 inch mirror : 1, human cargo: 2.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 10:09 AM

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I liked them before, but THESE- THESE!- I think are fabulous! The light ink on dark paper is great! Great accomplishment!

Posted by Blogger Tisra @ 11:39 AM #

I LOVE these!!!! glad you came around! haha. :)

and I totally forgot to check out the FIT before I left. oops! good to know it fit that HUGE mirror, though. and jason. jeebus.

.xo. Jenn

Posted by Anonymous Jenn @ 12:44 PM #

I think this looks great! The change in color makes a HUGE difference. So much so, that I didn't notice that the STD was in the shape of Missouri (dummy me). Being a MO native myself, I SHOULD have noticed that. Either way, nice touch! :)

Posted by Blogger The Clicks @ 2:15 PM #

eeeeeeeeek, good job, you! love it.

Posted by Blogger Kristi @ 8:31 PM #
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