Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Better than Pottery Barn

Ever since my polymer clay business in high school, I've loved Old Time Pottery. I used to buy bulk glass vases and laminate slices of polymer patterns to them and sell them at a boutique.

Now I live in Nashville, the home base for Old Time Pottery, and it's glorious. Imagine Pier 1, World Market, and Garden Ridge all in one huge wal-mart size warehouse. Yeah. Pretty much heaven.

Especially great for centerpiece type items. I'm looking heavily at those brown squares right up there. They're only 3.99, and I think will look good with the brightly colored flowers I'm planning.

OTP also has a fantastic selection of dishware, serving ware, glassware, pretty much any kind of ware you could need. I wish I could register there, because I want to do all white dishes, and they have the best deals!

They also have tons of baskets, lamps, mirrors, frames, silk flowers, actual pottery for outside, and tons of garden stuff. At the flagship in Murfreesboro they even have plants! Don't expect a luxurious showroom, but if you're serious about you want to buy, this is the place to go.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 7:17 AM

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I even have an original oil painting that I bought there that EVERYONE says they like and I'm almost ashamed to have to say that I didn't paint it, "but some man in China must have because it was only 8.99!"

Posted by Blogger Tisra @ 8:24 AM #

I love that store! We don't have one here, but I visit one on vacation every year.

Posted by Blogger beki @ 9:00 AM #

Love OTP. I have one pretty close to me and it is a regular stop. when family comes in from out of town, we always have to go.

Super super super shopping!

Posted by Blogger miss chris @ 9:02 AM #
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