Monday, March 17, 2008

Part II: Shopping! in Sevilla

Despite the fact that for every Euro we spent, we spend $1.50, we still managed to do a little shopping. My favorites were what Lauren calls the Gypsy Market--across the river and a good 3 mile walk from our neck of the woods. But well worth the walk. There were real live gypsies selling cloves of garlic. I bought a pair of sunglasses for 5 Euro, Lauren bought her standard bi-weekly flowers from her favorite vendor (you must get there before the good ones are gone.

I thought of you guys when going through the fabric stalls. I didn't go in because for the most part, things were pretty expensive after the dollar to Euro change. I can report that I did see Liberty of London cotton lawn for 22 Euro per yard, which normally sells for $22 per yard here. Proof that the dollar was super expensive.

I was drawn to take photos of all the flamenco gear. Hair combs, dresses with glorious flouncing, plastic necklaces and dinner plate sized earrings. And the best thing is that they were always arranged by rainbow order.

I have a strange penchant for rainbowy things. I also have a weird memory for useless points in my personal history. I vividly remember in 2nd grade (Mom, we lived in Bolckow then) riding my mom's exercise bike---why was a 7 year old riding the exercise bike? who knows--and reading a book and asking my mom to tell me again what the proper rainbow order was. I was obsessed with putting my crayons in rainbow order and disturbed about where to put the burnt siennas, umber and magenta crayons.

So all the thread at El Corte Ingles made me really happy. I think the Spaniards share my love.

Truly, truly the best time in Seville was the open air art show on Sunday right outside the art museum. I met some really lovely girls. How do you say "Silk-screen" in Spanish? I finally figured out that the bike, car, and scooter were huge woodcuts. Then I got the artist to explain intaglio. She said "copper" and then did a dipping motion and said "acid". Aha!

I wished upon wish I could have purchased a small acrylic on board from the most beautiful Irish girl. She looked like the picture of Ireland--red curly hair and blue blue eyes. But alas, $50 euro is $75 dollars, and I just couldn't pull the trigger. Instead, I evangelized about Etsy and made her write down the address, but didn't have the nerrve to give her my e-mail address. I guess I was too shy. I told my sister to take her one of my business cards if she goes back some other sunday.

Here is the link to my other "Shopping" photos. It's pretty much our main entertainment. Sadly, I came home with very little actually belongings. Jason my FIANCE got a shot glass on a string with a leather holster that reads "Sevilla" and a slingshot. I got a couple of pieces of handmade paper and a little carved wooden box that cost 4 Euro ($6) probably it was stolen or used to hold Gypsy tears.

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That is so awesome - it looks like Beth Howard heaven. It sucks that the exchange rate was working against you - my favorite thing in Europe (besides eating) is all of those open air markets, too!

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