Saturday, February 02, 2008

Here's how it works

Check that out! I had some terrible luck last weekend, which I've now realized was due to an uneven linoleum block. Blast!! All that carving, and the center never gets inked up.

I have plans to print recipe cards. With a nice scalloped border carved by me. We'll see.

The biggest thing I've learned on my press so far is that it's a freakin' pain in the backside! I thought all there was too it was to pack all the type, blah blah blah. But then there's the issue of registration, ink color, getting the paper stuck to the rollers with ink all over it, and all that crap. Yeah. Not the easy walk in the park I imagined it all to be.

But then again, it wouldn't be my type of project if it weren't a pain in the backside.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 11:38 PM

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Okay- THAT'S COOL! I watched the video three times and it was such magic to me that I clapped a little to-myself-clap! (I'm a goof)

Posted by Blogger Tisra @ 4:21 PM #

wowie wow are such a nerd. That's so funny. I really wish you had been singing during the video and turned it into a bit of a musical. Maybe even gotten some open palm circles for dance moves. I think if you set the whole thing to "cupid shuffle" you would really have something. Down down do your dance do your dance...


Posted by Anonymous your sister @ 6:04 AM #

I own one of these one of these days I will have a class so I can learn to use it better. Found it at a thrift store with 3 full trays of type all together 50.00 great price couldn't pass it up. Took lithography and intaglio in collage now wish I had taken letterpress.

Posted by Blogger sunshine @ 2:54 PM #
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