Friday, February 15, 2008


I have had 2 separate flu viruses in one week's time. Today I'm still dealing with head-cold symptoms, but no fever and no achy-headache, burning alive feeling. I felt so horrible about missing work so much in one week, but what to do? My co-workers complain if I come to work sick, but they complain if I'm not there to do the work either. Hey! You can't have it both ways! Sheesh! As if I'm really loving being sick.

Anyway. I'm looking forward to a weekend of printing my recipe cards. Thanks to my printing guru Shona--I think I finally have the plate even and ready to print.

I hope everyone had a lovely V-DAY!!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 7:51 AM

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So.......the wedge worked? That would be printing guru's helper monkey Tom's idea. You know, those clever Missourians.

So far so good on the 2nd wave 'O sickness. I'm going on a trip in May, can't afford any more time off.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 8:23 AM #

Poor you! I completely understand, as I've been slammed with illnesses lately. Right now I'm coughing up a lung, something I'm sure my co-workers are loving the sound of this week. Freaking viruses!!

Posted by Blogger beki @ 9:28 AM #

to bad you don't live near me you could show me how mine works

Posted by Blogger sunshine @ 3:05 PM #

that sucks BUT... flu viruses are like little mini diets, no? :) no counting calories, just trying to keep your crackers down!

anyway, those recipe cards are really cute!

Posted by Blogger freshie & zero @ 12:22 AM #
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