Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The very first print!

Well this is it. Chuck is no longer a virgin press. (Let's be honest, he'd been out behind the middle school long before he came to me from that pimp eBay.) Oh, I just forgot my mom and surrogate grandmother read this. Sorry for the vulgarity!

I just inked up the plate the old fashioned way with a brayer, then printed. Not exactly technically stellar, but I'm hoping that with the delivery of my rollers I really be in business. The most important thing I learned is to turn my quoins (the little locking wedges) much tighter. Hulk smash!

I'm in a rare mood tonight--sitting in a coffee shop waiting for freelance meeting number 2 for the evening. Meeting number one went really well, so I'm in a good mood. That, and I havd at least 4 Diet Cokes while talking. And my favorite--Pizza Marguerita!

When it's all said and done I'll have to post the logos I did for them. Let's just say it's really my style. I need to re-do my own website, but it's just so much work to define who I am as an artist. I mean really! But I can't imagine leaving it up to anyone else either.

That's all for now! I'll probably be buried in freelance for the next couple of days, but I do have other stuff to show you. I've been in a very printy mood lately. I screened a bunch of stuff this weekend that I can't wait to show you!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:00 PM

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FUN! I'm so excited to see everything you create from the press. I also feel ya on the "definining yourself as an artist on the internet" issue. It's SO much work to do it yourself, but it's the only way to do it if you know how. I just redid my website - I liked my old one but you just get sick of it and itch for something new... I think my redesign is better, anyway.

Hopefully you will still be teaching your sewing class in a year when I may be in a house with a sewing machine...

Posted by Blogger freshie beth @ 11:53 PM #
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