Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Oh, for Pete's Sake! I can't seem to catch a break. I'm at work right now helping out a friend--and it's almost 10 at night! So while I'm waiting for my animation to render, I'll give you guys a quick update.

The Chattanooga Market went well--I met some awesome Spicy girls and made some great trades. Oh, and the other pathetic thing about my blogging practice of late is my lack of camera mojo--i tried 3 TIMES to get batteries--once the woman at the check out didn't take them out of my basket, another time I forgot, and the last time I was so tired that I bought triple A's instead of the standard double. So I have very few pics.

So anyway, I got some incredible art work there--I'll try to post it tomorrow or whenever I next get a breath of air. It might be Thursday, let's face it.

There was one woman who thought that because she did fabric art also she could come into my booth and be rude and boss me around. She flat out told me that she used to make coffee warmers like mine "But mine were better. They were decorated. You'll never sell these. I got $15 for mine. You'll never sell any of these." Oh, yeah? Screw you, lady! I sold about 10 of them and that was pretty good considering the rest of the show.

I'll be drawing the names of all my CUFFEE winners hopefully tomorrow, and who ever wins, you'll have to send me your addresses via e-mail soes they don't get posted all over tarnation.

So please bear with me, friends, I'm coming up on some crazy 3AM working shifts, 3 separate freelance projects, and life in general. Here's to having finished all my holiday shopping online! Woo0-hooo! (and a little at the market this weekend)

Posted by Beth Howard @ 10:17 PM

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someone needs a AA battery charger for X-mas. Santa are you listening?

Posted by Blogger hezza @ 2:28 PM #

ugh, 3 am work times SUUUUCK. hang in there, fellow graphic designer. hope you get a break from it all sooner rather than later!

and that woman at the craft fair? sounds like she needed a cuffee half full o' bourbon. glad you had a successful show!

Posted by Blogger Kristi @ 10:06 PM #

I love those spice girls. I put their spices on frozen cheese pizza, and it jazzes them up just enough. I also just about made myself sick due to eating so much of their dip mix - so good!

Posted by Blogger freshie beth @ 10:37 PM #
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