Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Meet Chuck (aka Merry Christmas to me!)

Most people didn't react with proper awe and amazement when I told them that Jason bought me a LETTERPRESS for CHRISTMAS!! Holy crap! Not very many times in one's life do you get so surprised by the most excellent toy of a present. I mean, really!

Here is a list of things I've gotten for gifts and been truly hugely excited-jumping-up-and-down happy about (and mom, I'm sure I'm forgetting some, no offense intended)

** a Fisher Price Star Stage microphone with real lights and and echo effect brought on with 2 pedals (age 7)

**TV for my room/studio (age 16)

** a full mini kitchen set in avacado green (age 3)

** a set of Fimo clay from my great aunt--it's the first "crafty project" that I really remember being obsessed with (age 5)

And I've gotten lots of other cool and artsy things, but this press, which I'm naming "Chuck" temporarily--suggestions welcome!--is seriously exciting. Jason says he should have known how obsessed I was going to get--it's all I've been looking at on the internet. It needs new rollers, and I don't have even a letter of the actual "letterpress" typeface, but I really want to print my wood blocks, and eventually I might get into lettering, etc. For right now, I'm just playing. Watch your back, Shona!!! Haha. I seriously called Shona within 5 minutes of opening it. She has a great set up and talent for printing. I'm going to stick with the sewing for now, and dabble into the printing. I'm hoping to somehow use the press for printing fabric.

So, anyway! Whoo-Hooooooo!!!!! I'll have to share some of my letterpress-related finds.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:57 PM

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that's so sweet and I'm so very jealous

Posted by Anonymous nick @ 1:30 AM #

That is completely awesome. I never knew that they came so tiny - now I want one of my own! :)

And I think Chuck is a totally appropriate name for him.

Posted by Anonymous elf @ 3:11 AM #

I did get 2 stripes on my belt last night in Ju Jitsu, so I've got my back covered! This really is great + I can't wait to come over + help you with your 100's of questions- I can seriously "dork out" on print talk.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 7:58 AM #

wow now that's one amazing gift! i love the art of printing- i just did a job at an ancient (they've been in biz for almost 100 years) print shop and i had to keep wiping off the drool and hoping they wouldn't notice if I didn't leave when the job was done, hehe :P some of their presses were as old as the business, it was truly a treat to experience :) anyways, i'll go back into lurk mode.... i love checking in on your blog and i think this may be the first time i've left a comment, so hello!

Posted by Anonymous magnolia heather @ 11:53 AM #

What an awesome gift! I'm pretty jealous too!

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Posted by Blogger Dawn @ 2:11 PM #

Hello? Did I miss something or is Christmas NEXT Tuesday? Someone is an eager beaver and didn't wait to open her present!!!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 6:24 PM #

BETH! This is very exciting!
Your boyfriend rocks! Now you'll have to chnage the name of your blog to "stitch, rip, repeat, print, reprint".
I am working 2 blocks away from you, we need to have lunch soon.

Posted by Blogger hezza @ 1:50 PM #

I share in your excitement - I LOVE letterpress! And can't you just get a template made and then print it? You'll have to ask Bryce...

Posted by Blogger freshie beth @ 10:30 PM #

WOW! What a great gift! Some good times can definitely be had with Chuck...as long as your bernina doesn't get jealous......

Posted by Blogger kim @ 7:56 AM #

oh NO, i am now going to have to hate you! waaaak!

Posted by Blogger Kristi @ 3:10 PM #
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