Sunday, November 04, 2007

This is my family.

My mom and sister worked hard on this costume all day today. Yeah. The best part is that Lauren is only half of the costume. The other half is her friend dressing as Willie Nelson.

And I'm here, after all, friends. I'm just so buried under everything right now. Upcoming shows, Freelance work, sweeps time at my "real" job, and I'm doing Weight Watchers which means goodbye to 5 minute meals, hello home cooking. Which takes a lot of effort. I have been losing weight--15 pounds in 7 weeks! I could totally evangelize about the "Watchers" but I'll save it.

I hope to blog more this week. I've been working. I swear. I finished a quilt for Pete's Sake! I need to blog about it soon!

I made these most delicious and nutritious Sweet Potato chips--and dipped them in my homemade mustard. Oh man, I can't explain how delicious they were! Just sliced a potato thinly and spray with olive oil Pam, sea salt and pepper, and bake at 450 for 20 minutes.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:34 PM

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Other half Willie Nelson, now I realize that I was not mistaken and that leaf is what I thought it was! Too funny!

Posted by Blogger cindyforeyes aka cindyiscrafty @ 11:13 PM #

must make those chips. upcoming shows? what shows?

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 8:47 AM #

That's the best costume idea EVER!!!!!! How funny. And I agree with you on the sweet potato chips - so yummy!

Posted by Anonymous Keri @ 9:57 AM #

I will have to try that recipe for the Sweet Potato chips- sounds soooo good! Congrats on the weight loss, what an accomplishment!

And, wow, silly me- I was thinking, at first, that the costume was aloe vera! Ha!

Posted by Blogger Tisra @ 12:27 PM #

great costume pairing! I wish you had photos of both!

and those chips..yes, I second shona. I will be trying those soon (and I have just the sweet potato to use!). congrats on the great weight loss!! I've lost 12.5 pounds in about 11 weeks (I think?). I love the "watchers!"

ok, just wanted to pop in and say hello. :)

.xo. Jenn

Posted by Anonymous Jenn @ 7:47 PM #




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