Friday, October 26, 2007

Packed and Loaded

We're going to visit my mom this weekend for her birthday. It's all I can do to just have nice quiet family time--I really want to run around and go to all of my favorite places and see my favorite people in Mid-Missouri. But in order to actually have a vacation type experience, and to not run from place to place, ditching my family, I must limit activities.

If I were to do whatever I wanted in Columbia Missouri and environs, it would be something like this:

1) Flat Branch Brewing for an artichokes and cheese burger and a Katy Trail Pale Ale.
2) Addisons' for Wonton Chicken Nachos
3) Booches for the tiniest greasiest cheeseburgers on a square of wax paper
4) Les Bougeouis Winery for the amazing view of the Missouri River at Sunset and a cheap middle-class good time.

And it's not all food related:

1) ride my bike on the Katy Trail forever and ever. (it goes from St. Louis to Kansas City, is so easy to ride, even trail, and traces the River

2) Go hiking in Rock Bridge State Park at the Devil's Ice Box

3) Go to a Mizzou Football Game

4) Shop at Poppy--where I first became a businesswoman

5) Visit Jo Stealey and Deborah Huelsbergen--my awesome teachers at Mizzou.

6) Go to Channel 8 where I learned about real life and work life (and mostly, social life)

7) Visit my grandparents where they live on the Osage River and the Mississippi River (hmm, no wonder I love water so much)

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Yes,I feel the same way- I can go home + do so much, see everyone + realize that I never spent any time with my family. Now I know why people go home + don't let their friends know.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 7:43 AM #
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