Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Name in Lights

Actually, it's my Painting in someone's stairwell. I wouldn't be any happier if it were my name in lights. In fact, my painting in a stairwell is much less anxiety inducing. I went on a home tour in my favorite Nashville neighborhood this weekend. It was a thrill. I called my friend Julia to tell her that today, I'm not a failed artist. No, today, I'm a successful artist who has works in people's homes. People's FABULOUS craftsman style dream homes. Architect and super cool-type people's homes. Yeah. Take that.


Here is the poster for the event, I purchased one, of course. It's by the brilliant Bryce McCloud of Isle of Printing here in Nashville. Sometimes I look at his work and have to turn away because it's so brilliant and I'm lime green with jealousy.

If I still went to confession, I would definitely go for envy as one of my sins. I remember as a kid going into confession and trying to think up something I did wrong, because I really was a pretty good kid most of the time and I usually came up with "I sometimes hit my sister, and sometimes I don't want to do the dishes, and sometimes I'm jealous of my friend so-and-so because she has Guess jeans and better hair than me." Oh, I wish I were still in need of good confession-quality sins. I'm sure I have plenty in my closet. Unfortunately the adult life holds many more temptations for actual sin, not the grabbing for straws kind.

Wow, this is why I don't usually post on Sunday. I'm starting to get all preachy. Time for bed!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 11:03 PM

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How exciting Beth! Better than your name in lights!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11:49 AM #

Big, big congratulations on the painting! Woooo Hoooo. I love the painting; it is vibrant and sophisticated while being fun. In fact I love most of your work and wish for the ability to buy a big painting or art quilt from you. Gosh, or even a floor cloth. There are a few very perfect places in our house for some Beth Howard pieces- now I just need the budget! :-)

Posted by Blogger Tisra @ 1:56 PM #

Could that house be any cuter?? What a fantastic painting and such a great addition to that adorable house!

Posted by Anonymous Mel Watson @ 10:18 PM #
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