Monday, October 01, 2007

Days of Rest

While I feel like I did artistic things all weekend, when I uploaded my pics this morning, I found little evidence of actual work. Truth is, I didn't even take my sewing machine out of the plastic tub from last week's class yet. I think I just needed a mental break from the sewing for just a moment. I really want to start focusing on printing my own designs and making bags, etc. out of my own fabric. I realized that i'm really intimidated by that process. I'm so afraid to fail that I'm having a hard time starting it.

Not to mention that it's really really hard to come up with great patterns. Just the way it is. And I resent time spent sketching because it seems so unproductive. Of course it's not, but drawing is just not something that comes really naturally to me. I'm working on it. That Jane Sassaman class I took this summer showed me that it is totally possible, I just need to sit down and do it.

For the rest of the weekend, I went to visit Shona at TACA art festival at the park, I drew and watercolored, and I spent most of the day on Saturday volunteering with Hands on Nashville painting a classroom at a school.

Yesterday the Nashville Brunch Bunch took a road trip to Leiper's Fork for sandwiches and awesome Carrot Cake. I can see why so many celebrities live out there. It's gorgeous! Rolling hills and black fences everywhere. I packed up all kinds of watercolor stuff thinking we would drive around and get lost and stop to paint, but alas, there was no where to stop that didn't seem like someone rich's property. I didn't want to cause a scene, and Jason wanted to get out of the sun, so on we drove. And I didn't even get any photos! What a shame!

Oh well, next weekend is a new weekend.

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One day I will sell a zillion sparkle Monkey cards + buy a piece of land in Leiper's Fork- next to The Judds.

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